Hi. I'm Nick Myers.

I'm an Agile Delivery Manager, currently working with BJSS.

You can find short write up's of things I've been exploring below.

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In this section you'll find brief descriptions of things I've been taking a look at lately.

Machine learning

Anyone interested in learning about Machine Learning (ML) will quickly be directed to Andrew Ng's ML (paid) course on Coursera.

A pre-requisite of the course is to understand Linear Algebra, which you'll need when you reach the 'cost function' part of the course. Linear Algebra is covered in a brilliant (free) course on Khan Academy by Sal Khan. In fact, Khan Academy is a great resource for any level of Mathematics learning.

Going full cloud

I'm now using an Asus Flip C302 Chromebook.

So far I've not found any task I've wanted to complete that could not be done via cloud based applications.

Text Editing: Caret.
SFTP: sFTP Client.
Messaging: Slack, WhatsApp Web, Gmail, ProtonMail.
Drawing and Images: Adobe Sketch, Adobe Draw, Draw.io.
Dev: CodeAnywhere, Github.
Organisation: Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Photos, Maps, Calendar, Tasks.
Calculator: HiPER Calc.